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Oklahoma Regulated Air Pollutants (RAPs)


What must be reported in an Oklahoma Emissions Inventory?

1. Pollutants Regulated by Statute, Rule, or Regulation

Emissions of 200 Oklahoma Regulated Air Pollutants (RAPs) must be reported in an Oklahoma emissions inventory. Included in the list are:

  • 187 federally regulated Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) consisting of compounds and compound groups.
  • 21 toxic compounds and compounds groups, as listed in Appendix O of OAC 252:100.
  • Other air pollutants regulated in Oklahoma by a State or Federal rule or regulation contained in Appendix P of OAC 252:100.

2. Pollutants limited by Permit Only

Although a pollutant may not be an RAP, if emissions of that pollutant are specifically limited in the Specific Conditions of the air quality permit for a facility, per Subchapter 5 of OAC 252:100 (which governs emissions inventory reporting), actual emissions of such a pollutant must be reported as part of the annual emissions inventory for that facility. This rule requirement exists because unique circumstances or concerns may require such emission limitations to be applied. Reporting annual emissions is a key part of demonstrating compliance with such limitations.

If a particular pollutant is not available in Redbud for which emissions must be reported, or if you need further help with determining whether and/or how a particular pollutant hould be reported, please contact the Emissions Inventory Section.

Page last updated: November 7, 2018



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