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Air Quality
Regulatory Programs


The Air Quality Division operates various programs to carry out DEQ's regulatory duties under state and federal law.  These programs are governed by the Oklahoma Air Quality Rules which, after public hearings, are recommended by the Air Quality Council to the Oklahoma Environmental Quality Board for adoption.  Many of our programs have leading reputations nationally.

The Rules & Planning Section researches, and develops regulatory strategies that will maintain and improve Oklahoma's air quality.  It reviews and proposes rule updates to the Air Quality Council.

Emissions Inventory refers to collecting and analyzing data about the emissions of pollutants released into the air from all sources in Oklahoma.  The annual emissions of regulated pollutants from a major facility is used as a basis for calculating its Annual Operating Fee.  This fee provides around 80% of AQD's operating budget.

Air quality is primarily controlled through issuing Air Quality Permits to companies with facilities that produce emissions.  This allows DEQ to regulate the finite amount of pollutants that can be safely emitted in any one area.  Existing permits are reviewed when a modification to a source is proposed.  New permits are issued after considering the total potential impact of the new facility and existing facilities nearby.

Compliance & Enforcement staff perform annual inspections to ensure permit requirements are being followed, process Excess Emissions Reports, investigate public complaints, perform inspections of facilities requesting permits, and investigate potential violations of air quality rules referred from other AQD Sections.  Follow-up inspections are made to verify violations or corrective actions.  If necessary, enforcement actions are initiated.

The Lead-Based Paint Certification & Accreditation Program is operated by AQD.  Certification is required of all individuals and firms in Oklahoma who offer and/or perform lead-based paint services.

The Toxics Group analyzes emissions of toxic air pollutants in Oklahoma that can be hazardous to humans and the environment.

The purpose of Asbestos Regulations is to protect public health and the environment by minimizing the release of asbestos dust into the air.  Renovation and/or demolition notices be submitted to the Air Quality Division when certain conditions apply.

Page Last Updated: October 26, 2012

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