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Redbud: Submitting Emissions Inventories on the Web


Redbud will be used for 2018 Emission Inventory Reporting

DEQ is currently working to replace Redbud, our in-house tool for reporting emissions inventories online, with the State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS) from Windsor Solutions. Due to the time needed to complete customization, implementation, testing and training on SLEIS, the Air Quality Division has determined that Redbud will continue to be used for the submission of 2018 inventories, which are due by April 1, 2019.

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The DEQ Air Quality Division has developed a comprehensive web-based application to report Annual Emissions Inventories from point sources. This application, known as Redbud after the state tree of Oklahoma, was implemented in January 2005 to allow quick and simple electronic reporting. Redbud allows company personnel to enter facility data on a secure website through an ordinary web browser. No specialty software is needed and Redbud users will no longer need to fill out paper forms (Redbud has the same data fields as the hardcopy Turn Around Document). Where applicable, data from the previous year’s submission will already be filled in. Data can be saved on the DEQ server as each screen form is completed, preventing loss of data if the internet connection is broken.

By agreeing to key conditions a submission can be made electronically, without the need for the Responsible Official’s signature for certification - similar to electronically filing a tax return. Redbud users can update their data at any time before the final submission deadline, and the inventory can be viewed and printed out as a formal Turn Around Document at any time during the year, including after the submission deadline. We have a separate page with Help for using Redbud.

Use of the Redbud application remains voluntary at this time. Companies are encouraged to use Redbud, but they may still choose instead to submit inventory data using the hardcopy Turn Around Document format.

For all Redbud users, on the first working day of the year or immediately thereafter, the Emissions Inventory Section sends an email to the person in each company who is legally responsible for submitting emissions inventories - the Responsible Official or RO. This email will provide the Redbud web address, the Company ID, and the new password for the new reporting year (this is changed from year to year as a security measure). The Company ID and password will limit each company only to its own facility information.

If your company previously submitted inventories using the Hardcopy or Snapshot options and you now wish to use Redbud, then please e-mail the Emissions Inventory Section or call us at (405) 702-4100.

For more information on Redbud:

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Page Last Updated: March 20, 2019



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