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What's New in Air Quality?

Special Announcements


2018 Air Monitoring Network Plan Posted for Public Review:


The Annual Network Review (ANR) is available for public comment through May 13, 2018. It contains proposed changes to the Oklahoma Air Monitoring Network for 2018. Comments should be submitted to the attention of Kent Stafford and Curt Goeller, Environmental Programs Managers, ODEQ, Air Quality Division, Monitoring Section,
PO Box 1677, Oklahoma City, OK 73101 or email Kent Stafford and Curt Goeller.
Posted April 11, 2018


Volkswagen Settlement


Oklahoma has been initially allocated approximately $21 million dollars from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement to be used towards reducing nitrogen oxide emissions from the transportation sector. DEQ has been designated as lead agency for the administration of these funds.

On December 5, 2017 DEQ conducted a public meeting to collect information from stakeholders and receive comments concerning the BMP. The Department will refer to received comments as a resource in the development of the BMP. This comment period is now closed. After the BMP has been written, it will be made available on this website, and there will be another opportunity for public comment. For information on the trust agreement, funding-eligible projects, presentation slides, audio, and written comments from the December 5 meeting, and more, visit our VW page. Updated January 4, 2018

2016 Air Data Report


The 2016 Air Data Report has now been posted. The report charts air quality monitoring data collected at 26 monitors for criteria pollutants. The report shows Oklahoma is in attainment for all the NAAQS, along with analysis of each pollutant. View the 2016 Report... Updated September 19, 2017


E-Permitting for Air Quality Permits


Our new online permitting system is live. The following materials provide an overview of creating individual accounts for the system, creating and tracking permit applications, and optimizing your experience.

This guidance will show you the types of applications available online, how to upload supplemental materials, how to interact with the assigned engineer, and how to streamline using previous online submissions. If you need assistance, please call (405) 702-4100 and ask for E-Permitting help. Updated February 8, 2017



Permit By Rule for Emergency Engine Facilities


Effective September 15, 2016, a newly-promulgated Permit by Rule (PBR) is available OAC 252:100-7-60.6 for facilities that must obtain a permit because of installation of an emergency engine that is subject to a federal standard. Use new Form #100-224 to register under the PBR. Updated September 14, 2016



Revisions to Test Methods, Performance Specifications, and Testing Regulations for Air Emission Sources


Final Rule Signed August 5, 2016: The final "revisions" rule allows source owners and operators of stationary spark ignition internal combustion engines to continue to use Methods 18 and 320 and ASTM D6348-03 to measure VOC but requires reporting of all QA/QC data. See Subpart JJJJ, Section 60.4245(d) and Table 2.

    For Method 18, results from Sections 8.4 and must be reported.

    For Method 320, results from Sections 8.6.2, 9.0, and 13.0 must be reported.

    For ASTM D6348-03, results of all QA/QC procedures in Annexes 1-7 must be reported.

In the preamble to the final "revisions" rule, EPA states that it will revisit the above decision and make a subsequent determination of the appropriateness of the use of Method 320 and/or ASTM D6348 during the first risk and technology review evaluation for stationary spark ignition internal combustion engines. Updated August 30, 2016


Now Available

Estimating Condensate and Crude Oil Loading Losses from Tank Trucks NEW

Subpart OOOO and General Permit Guidance

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Guidance to assist permit applicants in addressing state and federal requirements for GHGs.

Self Disclosure Form is available on both the Forms and the Compliance & Enforcement pages.

A Fugitive Emission Equipment Leak Report form has been posted to the Forms page.

Minor Source Permitting Guidance for Facilities Subject to Federal Standards

Updated Annual Compliance Certification Forms

Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

The next Air Quality Advisory Council meeting is scheduled for June 20, 2018 in Tulsa.

Items for Review 


Permit Applications, Draft Permits and Issued Permits

Last Updated: April 11, 2018

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