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The Office of Citizens Assistance

The Office of Citizens Assistance provides citizens and public interest groups the access to DEQ they need to address their concerns about public health and protection of the environment.

Citizens and public interest groups are more involved in the development of regulations and the issuance of permits than ever before. The Office of Citizens Assistance provides an important two-way link between citizens and the DEQ. Through Citizens Assistance the DEQ can understand what the public's concerns for the environment and public health are, and the public can learn how the DEQ protects them and their communities.


The Office of Citizens Assistance provides customers with:

DEQ Rules and Regulations

Citizen Assistance can supply you with the DEQ's rules either electronically, on diskette, or hard copy.

Environmental assessment information

Helps you find what records are available in what agency/division for environmental assessments.

Environmental review required for grants

Wellhead and source water protection program

Provide help with identification of potential sources of contamination of water sources. Also help to develop, manage, and implement plans to protect water sources.

Private water well and sewer system information

Information on citizens panels and councils that have input directly into DEQ rulemaking

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Contacting Citizens Assistance:

Jennifer Wright 405-702-1077

Customer Assistance Program Toll-Free: 1-800-869-1400 or 1-405-702-0100

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