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Asbestos Outreach Information

The Department of Environmental Quality has recently changed the manner in which asbestos notice and work practice violations are handled. Failure to provide notice of asbestos removal will now carry a $1000 fine, with late, inaccurate or incomplete notices costing $500. Additional fines, beginning at $2500 per incident, will be levied for violations that have the potential to cause serious bodily harm, property damage or environmental damage. Failure to provide asbestos records upon request and failure to properly handle, store, or transport friable asbestos each carry a $1000 fine, per offense. This new penalty policy for asbestos violations became effective on November 1, 2004.

The Department of Environmental Quality will be conducting informational workshops on asbestos and the penalty policy beginning in February 2005. For more information on the time and location of these workshops, please contact Judy Duncan at 702-1000.

For more information on the requirements for asbestos contractors or the new penalty policy, please contact Ron Ingram at 702-4100, or Rene Koesler at (918) 293-1614.

Also see our regulatory information about asbestos click here to go Air Quality's Asbestos information section.

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This page last updated on September 26, 2011

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If you have any questions about Asbestos Outreach or Small Business Assistance in general, please contact:

Judy Duncan at 405-702-9132 or e-mail him at: or

Erin Cayton at 405-702-9117 or e-mail her at: or

Jimmy Carter at 405-702-1015 or e-mail him at:


Customer Assistance Program: 1-800-869-1400 or 1-405-702-1000