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Judy Duncan CSD Director

Plastics Outreach Workshop Information

If you have any questions about Plastics Outreach or Small Business Assistance in general, please contact:

Judy Duncan at 405-702-9132 or e-mail him at: or

Erin Hatfield at 405-702-9117 or e-mail her at: or

Jimmy Carter at 405-702-1015 or e-mail him at: or

EPA Rule & Information
Workshop Handouts
Applicability FlowChart
EPA Rule Fact Sheet
Informational Brochure
Initial Notification Form
Workshop Presentations

First Presentation
Second Presentation

Reinforced Plastic Composites Presentation

Other Related Handouts and Publications

A Guide for Choosing and Operating an On-Site Distillation Unit

A Checklist to Prevent the Most Common Hazardous Waste Violations

Complying With SARA Title III (Section 313) A Guide for Composites Facilities

Reducing Volatile Emissions in the Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Industry

Contacting the Office of Small Business Assistance

Jimmy Carter Small Business Assistance

Judy Duncan Small Business Assistance

Erin Hatfield Public Relations

Margaret Graham- (Site Assessments, Public Participation/Permit Issuance)

Customer Assistance Program: 1-800-869-1400 or 1-405-702-1000