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Local Government Assistance

Small communities are the driving force being Oklahoma and it is the aim of the Local Government Assistance Program that such communities get all of the assistance available to them.

Every community wants a chance to prosper. The Local Government Assistance Program works with small Oklahoma communities to put both their water and wastewater systems in the best situation possible for growth to occur.


Local Government Assistance Services

  • Assistance through permitting and funding process

  • Assistance in the understanding of various grants and loans

  • Assistance in obtaining various no-cost services

  • Acting as a liaison between the community and DEQ

  • Face-to-face assistance on any questions or concerns the community might have


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Local Government Assistance

Local Government Assistance Programs

Pro-Active Approach
Assists communities pro-actively in understanding the needs of their water and wastewater systems and the steps that can be taken to address such needs

Assistance Approach
Assists communities that are under consent orders primarily because they have not located the funding to get either an engineering report done or completion of the project itself.


Jennifer Wright 405-702-1077

Customer Assistance Program Toll-Free: 1-800-869-1400 or 1-405-702-0100

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