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Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP)

Who We Are
The Small Business Assistance Program is a non-regulatory entity that offers technical and regulatory assistance to small businesses on issues concerning environmental regulations. We provide regulatory and technical assistance through telephone calls, in person, or through e-mail. All of our assistance is offered in a non-regulatory setting.

Our goal is to help facilities achieve compliance through assistance rather than enforcement.

Office of External Affairs help with Biofuels Construction and Operation fact sheet

Biofuels Packet 2007

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What Regulations Affect You? The federal Clean Air Act (CAA) amendments of 1990 include many new regulations affecting a large number of facilities in Oklahoma. Title III of the CAA calls for emission standards to be written for a variety of sources of hazardous air pollutants.There are a number of state regulations which may be subject to your facility. Both federal and state regulations must be considered when determining what applies to you and what doesn't. We can help you make that determination.

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EPA Contacts

The EPA's Small Business Ombudsman Home Page

The advocate for small business in the environmental arena

The National Small Business Assistance Program Web Site

EPA Sector Notebooks - These reports profile different industries environmental requirements.   Over 30 industries and contacts within EPA to answer specific questions regarding each industry.

    The SBAP is available to answer indivudual questions or set up workshops for your industry, sector or group.

    Contact us
    Lloyd Kirk

    Office of External Affairs: 1-800-869-1400 or 1-405-702-7100.

Office of Business Assistance

Existing and new businesses have to face a variety of environmental regulations at the state and federal levels. The Office of Business Assistance offers technical and regulatory assistance for permit programs and other regulations that can affect your facility.

Our staff is trained in the DEQ permitting programs and can help you determine which permits your facility requires. In addition, we have resources to help you incorporate pollution prevention and other waste reduction measures that will reduce your facility's impact on the environment, and save money and paperwork at the same time!

We can help you evaluate your facility's processes to identify the types of waste generated and pollutants emitted. We can discuss which environmental permits are required and your options for waste reduction and minimization, recycling, and disposal. All Permit Assistance Teams are conducted in a non-regulatory setting.

Contacting the Office of Business Assistance

Lloyd Kirk 405-702-5100

Office of External Affairs: 1-800-869-1400 or 1-405-702-7100

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