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Pollution Prevention

"Pollution Prevention (P2) is a strategy of material use, processing, and management that reduces or eliminates the creation of pollutants and waste at the source--prior to recycling, treatment or disposal."

The P2 Program offers an opportunity for cooperative partnership among the business community, municipalities, agencies of the state, the environmental community and DEQ to reduce the generation of waste through source reduction and sound environmental management.


Pollution Prevention in Oklahoma Means

Protecting the Environment

Conserving Water

Increasing Production Efficiency

Improving Product Quality

Increasing Competitive Edge

Decreasing the Burden of Regulations

Using Raw Materials and Energy Efficiently

Reducing Disposal Costs

Improving Operating Practices

Reducing Long-term Liability

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Being Part of the Solution

Pollution Prevention Program Information

See what has already been accomplished and what is in the works within Oklahoma.

Links to Other P2 Sites

Oklahoma P2 Case Studies

Mission Statement

Enabling Legislation

Contains the legislative authority for the program. Allows the P2 program to offer confidentiality to the industries we assist.

Information on new technologies, methods and techniques is available for pollution prevention and waste management. Information can be industry or process specific.

Get your OKStar Application PDF

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Oklahoma Star Incentive Program information

Pollution Prevention Program Services and Links

Paint & Auto Checklist Word Format PDF Format

P2 Fact Sheets

On-Site Assistance

Facility visits to help identify pollution prevention opportunities are available on request. Staff will listen, observe, and respond to your needs in a confidential, non-regulatory manner.

Waste Exchange:
Resource Exchange for Eliminating Waste(RENEW)


Clean Marina Program

School Chemicals Management & Small Scale Chemistry Workshop

Publications and Handouts

A Guide for Choosing and Operating an On-Site Distillation Unit

A Checklist to Prevent the Most Common Hazardous Waste Violations

Complying With SARA Title III (Section 313) A Guide for Composites Facilities

Reducing Volatile Emissions in the Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Industry

Recyclers Lists
The directory lists below are about recyclers in the state of Oklahoma,
their location, and what they accept. They are listed by county name.

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