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Water Reuse

Since at least the 1970’s, DEQ has encouraged water reuse through land application of treated wastewater on agricultural crops, cooling towers, and other industrial and municipal uses.  In response to statewide drought, DEQ prioritized water reuse efforts and began the development of Water Reuse Standards.  On July 1, 2012, DEQ introduced our new standards, OAC 252: 627 Operation and Maintenance of Water Reuse Systems, and OAC 252:656-27 Water Reuse Construction Standards. 

The introduction of these regulations are just the beginning, and we collaborate with municipalities, consulting engineers, technical experts and the general public to add additional content to improve and expedite water reuse projects throughout the State of Oklahoma.  Due to the number of new technologies and additional uses for reclaimed water that are not currently included in our standards, DEQ also relies on our variance process to address these new technologies and uses.  We are also working with our stakeholders on guidance documents to expedite the variance process.

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