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Stormwater Program for Industrial Activity


Industrial facilities typically perform a portion of their activities such as material storage and han­dling, vehicle fueling and maintenance, ship­ping and receiving materials in outdoor areas exposed to the weather. Stormwater runoff from these activities picks up industrial pollutants and discharges them directly into nearby waterbodies or indirectly via storm sewer systems. In addi­tion, accidental spills and leaks, improper waste disposal, and illicit connections to storm sewers may also lead to exposure of pollutants to stormwater. This increased pollutants load in the stormwater runoff can impair waterbodies, degrade biological habitats, pol­lute drinking water sources.
Most industrial stormwater discharges are covered under the OPDES General Permit OKR05, as opposed to individual OPDES permits issued by the State of Oklahoma to some facilities based on site-specific or industry-specific concerns. The owners/operators of regulated industrial facilities must obtain an Authorization under the OPDES General Permit OKR05 for Industrial Activity.  Discharge of stormwater from an industrial activity without first obtaining a permit from DEQ is in violation of Title 27A O.S. §2-6-205 of the Oklahoma Statutes. As part of the application process, the owner or operator must develop a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWP3) that explains how it will control & reduce pollutants in the stormwater runoff and submit a notice of intent (NOI) or permit appli­cation to DEQ.


Who needs a Permit?

Owner or operator of an Industrial facility is required to obtain permit coverage for stormwater discharge if the facility discharges or has the potential to discharge stormwater associated with an industrial or commercial activity either directly to waters of the State or to a municipal separate storm sewer system. Table 1-3 of 2017 OKR05 Permit lists the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes and activity codes for facilities covered by the Industrial Stormwater regulations. The facility may qualify for and obtain a No Exposure Exclusion in accordance with Part 1.14 of the 2017 OKR05 Permit.


How to Apply for a Permit?

Before filling out an NOI, understand the requirements of the 2017 OKR05 permit for stormwater discharges from industrial activity, identify the latitude and longitude of the entrance gate of the facility, identify receiving water body, check whether the facility is located in Sensitive Waters or Watersheds or in Scenic River Watershed, and prepare or update a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) in accordance with the requirements of 2017 OKR05 Permit. Once the NOI and SWP3 have been prepared and completed for your industrial facility, submit the following to DEQ:

  • Completed NOI

  • An application fee $100 and annual fee $ 347.71 (all existing permittees will be invoiced for annual fee)

  • A copy of the SWP3 if your industrial facility is located in Sensitive Waters or Watersheds or in Scenic River Watershed (see Part 1.9.5 of OKR05).

Attach a check for the applicable fees payable to DEQ with your NOI. You may pay the fees using a credit card (only Visa or Master Card are acceptable) by calling DEQ Finance at (405) 702-1130.


Where to Submit an NOI?

Mail the completed NOI to Stormwater Unit of ECLS, Oklahoma DEQ, 707 N Robinson Ave, P. O. Box 1677, Oklahoma City, OK, 73101-1677 or fax to (405) 702 6226. The completed NOI and SWP3, if requires, can be emailed to   

NOI Processing Time

NOI processing time is approximately 14 days from the receiving date. If the SWP3 is required to be submitted to DEQ for review, processing time will be approximately 30 to 45 days.


Frequently Asked Questions on 2017 OKR05 General Permit

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For questions about the Stormwater program, please contact

Ismat Esrar
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What's New

  • Final 2017 Multi-Sector General Permit OKR05 for Industrial Activity
    Permit | Fact Sheet | Response to Comments
    5 June 2017

  • Permit & Forms


    (Note: Templates are suggestive; these are not part of the permit. Applicant may choose to use any or part of the templates or make their own to meet the permit requirements)

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