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Excess Emissions

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An excess emission occurs when a regulated air pollutant is released into the environment at a rate that is above permitted levels for a facility. Our rule (OAC 252:100-9) requires excess emissions to be reported to protect public health and so that persistent problems can be identified and corrected.

Once an excess emission has occurred, the owner or operator of a facility has until 4:30 PM the next business day to notify DEQ and provide a brief description of the event.

To make a report:


Call toll-free: (877) 277-6236 (leave a message 24 hours/7 days a week)


Fax: (405) 702-4101




Or, use our Online Excess Emissions Reporting System

The immediate notification must be followed by a certified written report within 30 calendar days describing the emission and its causes.

Our electronic submission system allows a facility to quickly submit immediate notifications of excess emission events and the required 30-day official written reports online. Submissions are certified by electronic signature.

For more information, use the links at the top or call an excess emissions team member at (405) 702-4100.

Page last updated: March 15, 2018




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