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Emissions Inventory
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Last Updated: June 14, 2019

What's New for Emissions Inventory Reporting?

DEQ is currently working to replace Redbud, our in-house tool for reporting emissions inventories online, with the State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS) from Windsor Solutions. SLEIS is projected to be available for reporting 2019 emission inventories, which are submitted on or before April 1, 2020. Information on training will be available in the fall/winter.

The Emissions Inventory Section produces an annual PDF which summarizes changes and topics of interest prior to the start of the new emissions inventory reporting season.

CY2018 Emissions Reporting Updates

CY2017 Emissions Reporting Updates

CY2016 Emissions Reporting Updates

CY2015 Emissions Reporting Updates

CY2014 Emissions Reporting Updates

Who must submit an Emissions Inventory?

OAC 252:100-5 (Subchapter 5) requires potential sources of air contaminants to register with the AQD, file an emissions inventory, and pay annual operating fees. The owners or operators of permit exempt facilities or de minimis facilities, as these terms are defined in OAC 252:100-7-1.1, are not required to submit an annual emission inventory.

Can a company obtain a list of facilities that must report?

The Emission Inventory Section makes every effort to track facilities' Emissions Inventory reporting requirements; however, it is the owner/operator's responsibility to know which facilities must report. Contact us for assistance in identifying a comprehensive list.

How can a permit be cancelled?

A permit may be cancelled when a facility permanently ceases operation or when either DEQ or the facility representatives determine that the facility qualifies for "permit exempt" or "de minimis" status as defined in OAC 252:100-7. A facility representative may self-determine the facility's eligibility to claim either status and request DEQ cancel the permit. A cancellation request should be made in writing and address the following:

  • Provide reason for cancellation (closure, permit exempt, de minimis)

  • Reference the permit number

  • Provide facility and company name

  • Provide date when facility ceased operations or became eligible for "permit exempt" or "de minimis" status

Where the facility has ceased operations, please indicate if emitting equipment has been removed or remains in place. Call 405-702-4100 and ask to speak with permitting staff for additional guidance.

What is the Emissions Inventory reporting deadline?

The inventory shall cover operations during a calendar year and shall be submitted on or before April 1 of the following year.

Does the Responsible Official (RO) have to physically sign the final submission when using electronic reporting?

No. The RO does not need to physically sign the final submission.

However, the RO does need to physically sign the certification page when submitting a hard copy submission or an amendment to a previously submitted Emission Inventory.

How can a company designate or change a Responsible Official (RO)?

Complete DEQ Form #100-882 and mail the original completed form to the address listed on the form.

How can a company designate or change a Main Facility Contact (MFC)?

Submit the MFC contact information (name, title, email, address and telephone number) by email to the

How long must we retain records?

All supporting data, including actual production, throughput, and measurement records along with engineering calculations and other data utilized in accordance with OAC 252:100-5-2.1(d), must be maintained for at least 5 years by the current owner or operator at the facility in conjunction with facility records of the emission inventory. This information must either be submitted to the Division or made available for inspection upon request.

What if an error is discovered in our inventory?

If DEQ finds an error, a company may be required to submit corrections for inventories submitted over the past 5 years. If the company finds an error, the company need only correct the error if it occured within the last three years. Contact our office for instructions on submitting an amendment.

Reporting Requirements when converting to a Permit by Rule (PBR)

If the removal of permitted equipment causes a facility operating under an Individual or General Permit to become eligible for a Permit by Rule, the facility must still submit an emissions inventory for the year in which the equipment was removed. If the facility was eligible for a Permit by Rule the entire year (and it is not a required triennial reporting year), the facility does not need to submit an emissions inventory. The emissions inventory from the prior year will be used to satisfy the PBR reporting schedule.

Although the Emissions Inventory Section makes every effort to track facilities' reporting requirements, contact us if you believe there is a discrepancy.

Subchapter 5 of OAC 252:100 directly governs the submission of Emissions Inventories. For any question or in any situation, the Air Quality Rules always apply.




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