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General Inquiries

(405) 702-4100

Program Manager:

  Carrie Schroeder

(405) 702-4179


  Michelle Horn

(405) 702-4211

  Michael Ketcham

(405) 702-4176

  Grant Loney

(405) 702-4212

  Brent Wilkins

(405) 702-4210

  Shelby Willeby

(405) 702-4178

Mailing Address:

Street Address:

Emissions Inventory Section

Emissions Inventory Section

Air Quality Division

Air Quality Division

Oklahoma DEQ

Oklahoma DEQ

P.O. Box 1677

707 N. Robinson

Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677

Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Page last updated: December 19, 2018


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