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Point Source Emissions Inventory Data



Summaries of annual emissions from all Oklahoma Point Sources are now available to be downloaded as excel spreadsheets. These reports are provided as a basic informational resource for the general public.

  2016 Point Source Data
  2015 Point Source Data
  2014 Point Source Data
  2013 Point Source Data
  2012 Point Source Data
  2011 Point Source Data
  2010 Point Source Data
  2009 Point Source Data
  2008 Point Source Data
  2013 ODEQ Point Source VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Emissions by County Map
  2013 VOC Map

Major sources contribute to area air pollution, but often small sources can collectively make a large impact. As portrayed in this map, many small sources contribute to large volumes of VOC in two rural Oklahoma counties (dark brown). Most of the VOC emissions in these counties come from hundreds of oil and gas production sites.

  2013 ODEQ Point Source NOx Emissions by County Map
  2013 NOx Map

Electric generating facilities are the highest point source Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emitters in Oklahoma. The five dark brown counties in this map each have power plants.


Please Note:  Do not base business or policy decisions on this data.  Official National Emissions Inventory (NEI) data is available from EPA at

If you have questions about this data then please e-mail the Emissions Inventory Section or call us at (405) 702-4100.

Page Last Updated: February 12, 2018


Emissions Inventory Data

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