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Village Green at the Myriad Children's Garden

We have just installed a new experimental monitoring station at the Myriad Children's Garden. The park bench is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Village Green Project. It is a prototype air and weather monitoring system designed to measure air pollution where people work, play, and live.

Solar Power for Air Monitoring

The Air Quality Division has installed a 10.5 kW solar array at our Oklahoma City North monitoring site. It will generate approximately 16,280 kWh per year, up to 75% of the power the site requires.
Here is a timelapse video of the installation.

Near-Road Monitoring Program

The division has sited its first near-road NO2 monitor in Oklahoma City's Will Rogers Park. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is a precursor to ozone. This project is designed to more accurately assess exposures for those who live, work, play, go to school and commute within the near-roadway environment.

Mercury Monitoring

Monitoring Vessel

Air quality monitoring is a critical task for the division. In this video, Jeff Davidson takes us to one of our four mercury monitoring sites as he collects data for the Mercury Deposition Network of the National Atmospheric Deposition Program. DEQ's Environmental Laboratory Services studies the effects of mercury bio-accumulation in fish and issues advisories and consumption advice for Oklahoma lakes which you can access here.

Air Quality Tools

One of the most critical responsibilities of the Air Quality Division is to monitor Oklahoma's air quality. Data gathered are presented to the public using three tools: The Air Quality Index, the Ozone Watch/Ozone Alert, and Air Quality Health Advisories. Daniel Ross, AQD Specialist, narrates this Prezi explaining the divison's monitoring network and tools.

If this is your first Prezi experience, use the arrows to move through the presentation at your own pace as Daniel explains our air quality tools. To view the Prezi in fullscreen, select the icon in the bottom right corner of the viewing window. Enjoy!

Energy Efficiency


Heather & Ryan on Porch

Heather Lerch is quickly becoming an Air Quality expert on Energy Efficiency. Follow her as she and her husband, Ryan, update their 1950 era home weighing what is good for the environment against the most affordable and practical solutions as they seek to do the right thing for their bank account and the environment.


Unplug Small Appliances

How many small appliances do you leave plugged in every day? Those appliances draw small quantities of power to the plug when you aren't using them and that means producing power that you don't need and unnecessary emissions. So save the air from emissions by unplugging appliances after you use them.

Crawl Space Covers

Crawl Space Covers

Every project needs a plan. Heather began her plan with an energy audit to help her recognize then prioritize updating her home. Her energy auditor suggested insulating her crawl space covers might help reduce heat loss in her home. Here's how she did it.


Caulking 101

EPA estimates that caulking can save homeowners up to 10% on their energy bills. In this 2-part video segment, Heather shows first, "Where to Caulk" then, "How to Caulk".

Where to Caulk

How to Caulk

Page last updated: December 17, 2015



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