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New! Permit By Rule for Gasoline Dispensing Facilities. A newly-promulgated Permit by Rule (PBR) OAC 252:100-7-60.7 is available for gasoline dispensing facilities. A new form (#100-225) has been posted to register under the PBR. Please note this PBR is not available via e-permitting, yet. Updated September 21, 2018

Introducing E-Permitting for Air Quality Permits! Our new online permitting system is live. The following materials provide an overview of creating individual accounts for the system, creating and tracking permit applications, and optimizing your experience.

The GovOnline Reference Guide - Version 2.0 April 18, 2019

This guidance will show you the types of applications available online, how to upload supplemental materials, how to interact with the assigned engineer, and how to streamline using previous online submissions. If you need assistance, please call (405) 702-4100 and ask for E-Permitting help. Updated February 8, 2017

The AQD has implemented the agency's Permit Continuum concept, which uses different types of permits for different facilities, depending on size, complexity and environmental risk. Under this program no permit is required for the smallest sources of air contaminant emissions, known as "de minimis facilities." In addition, most facilities that emit less than 40 tpy are "permit exempt", unless they are subject to Federal Standards such as the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) or National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs). General Permits have been issued to cover several categories of minor facilities that are more complex or have somewhat greater emissions. Many of the facilities covered by these General Permits are also subject to one or more NSPS or NESHAPs. Permits by Rule (PBRs) have been promulgated for minor oil and natural gas (O&NG) facilities (OAC 252:100-7-60.5), emergency engine facilities (OAC 252:100-7-60.6), and gasoline dispensing facilities (OAC 252:100-7-60.7). Individual permits are issued for minor facilities that do not fall into one of the other continuum categories.

Fact sheets are available which describe AQD's permitting program in more depth, including descriptions of who needs a permit, and which permit category a facility may be eligible for under the Permit Continuum. Because air quality permitting issues can be quite complex, the AQD offers a service called an Applicability Determination. If the determination concludes that a permit is required, the fee charged for the Applicability Determination is applied toward the permit application fee. An Application Guide (DEQ Form #100-115) for Minor Facility Applicability Determination requests is available as a simplified adaptation of Form #100-105, and it includes a variety of industry- and emission source-specific forms. DEQ's Customer Assistance Program also offers one-stop permitting assistance and a statewide toll-free number 1-800-869-1400.

AQD operates a dual permitting system — construction permits and operating permits — to control major (Part 70) and minor sources. A construction permit is required before a new source is constructed or an existing source is modified. The construction permit is issued after it is determined the source is designed to meet applicable rules and pre-construction requirements. An operating permit is issued after construction is completed and demonstration is made that the source is capable of meeting applicable emissions limitations and air pollution control requirements. An Authorization to Construct and an Authorization to Operate under a particular general permit would correspond to the construction and operating permit, respectively.

For more information about the permitting program and process consult our application advice documents & guidelines.

Page last updated: April 24, 2019

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