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Laboratory Accreditation     

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The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality operates the laboratory accreditation program to insure the quality of analytical data received by the DEQ Water Quality Division and other state agencies for compliance and decision making purposes. Our goal is to provide standards for accreditation of privately and publicly owned laboratories for performance of analyses of water, wastewater and sludge.

Laboratories are accredited to perform environmental testing. A laboratory may not be accredited to perform all the possible parameters offered for accreditation. To verify that a laboratory is currently accredited for a particular parameter, please contact David Caldwell at (405) 702-1039.

This page last updated on January 25, 2019

Accredited Laboratories

Acredited Laboratory Laboratory Search

DEQ GIS Map and Data Viewer
DEQ GIS lists only Oklahoma Accredited Laboratories for accredited laboratories outside Oklahoma please refer to "List of Laboratories Accredited for General Water Quality and Drinking Water"

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DMR-QA Study Participation Waiver (PDF)

EPA 2012 MUR SM 22ed Approval Letter (PDF)


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New Proposed Rule Changes:
252:301  Text | NRI | RIS | RTC
252:302  Text | NRI | RIS | RTC
252:307  Text | NRI | RIS | RTC

OAC 252:307:  On April 2, 2018, TNI’s Accreditation Council recognized the Laboratory Accreditation Program of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality as a National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) Accreditation Body. Under this program, Oklahoma’s laboratories may voluntarily apply to be accredited to the TNI standard for these categories:

Drinking water laboratory.  A drinking water laboratory may be accredited for Fields of Accreditation in the following categories: metals, general chemistry, microbiology, asbestos, synthetic organic chemicals (SOCs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and/or radionuclides.

General environmental laboratory.  A laboratory may be accredited for Fields of Accreditation in the following categories: metals, nutrients, oxygen demands, semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), general chemistry I and/or II, microbiology, asbestos, synthetic organic chemicals (SOCs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radionuclides, whole effluent toxicity (WET) testing, hazardous waste characterization, petroleum hydrocarbons, perchlorate, and/or basic environmental laboratory.

NELAP accredited laboratories in other states may now apply for secondary accreditation from Oklahoma without additional proficiency testing, quality assurance, or on-site assessment requirements.

Links to the Laboratory Accreditation Rules may be found at: 

Lab Accreditation Fees 

FY 19 Laboratory Accreditation Fees

FY 19 Field Laboratory Accreditation Fees

FY 19 TNI Laboratory Accreditation Fees

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TNRCC 1005 (Adobe Acrobat)

OK GRO Method Rev 4.1(Adobe Acrobat)

OK DRO Method Rev 4.1 (Adobe Acrobat)

Application for field accreditation - Initial:Renewal

Application for general water quality/sludge testing accreditation - Initial:Renewal

Application for drinking water accreditation - Initial:Renewal

Application for TNI general environmental accreditation - Initial:Renewal Primary;Secondary

Application for TNI drinking water accreditation - Initial:Renewal Primary;Secondary

EPA's Drinking Water Guidance Manual

The NELAC Institute (TNI)

Information concerning The NELAC standards and guidance for implementation may be found at the following links:


DEQ Policies

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Feedback Survey

Resolution Survey

TNI Suspension Policy

Alternative Protocol to Ammonia Pre-Distillation Requirement

Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory Beakers and Vials

Fact Sheets

Selecting an Accredited Laboratory fact sheet

Other Links

EPA Clean Water Act Analytical Methods

EPA SW-846

National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI)

Guidance Documents

Guidance for Laboratory Accreditation On-Site Assessment Reimbursement

pH Testing For Clean Water Act Analysis

Guidance Document for Ensuring Traceability of Measurements

Proficiency Testing Guidance

Guidance Documents Calibration Protocol (MS Word)

Oklahoma Lab Systems Audit Checklist OAC 252:301

Oklahoma Field Lab System Audit Checklist OAC 252:302



If you have questions or need further information concerning Laboratory Accreditation
contact David Caldwell at (405) 702-1039.


SELS Toll-Free: 1-866-412-3057 or 1-405-702-1000

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