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main-te-nance: The work of keeping something in proper condition.

When an on-site system is properly designed, installed, and maintained, it serves as an effective and economic treatment system. All three must be performed to insure the effectiveness and long-term economy. More times than not, however, the on-site system is installed and forgotten. Maintenance is the homeowner's responsibility and is the key to avoid system malfunctions and possible costly repairs. 


The type and frequency of maintenance required for your on-site system depends on the type of system. So, the first step of system maintenance is to know the type of system that serves your home or business. Listed below are descriptions for the types of on-site systems. Click on the type of system for a detailed explanation of specific maintenance items.

If you are still unsure about the type of system you have after reading the descriptions below, then contact your local DEQ office for assistance. A map of DEQ offices may be accessed here.

Septic Tank Maintenance

I have a...Conventional System (septic tank and lateral lines)

I have an...Aerobic Treatment Unit

I have a...Lagoon System

On-site treatment systems are designed to treat and disperse a set number of gallons of wastewater a day. If the amount of wastewater is exceeded, then your on-site system may malfunction. It is recommended that water-conserving fixtures be installed in residences. Please contact your local DEQ office for additional information concerning maintenance of your on-site system.