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The Environmental Complaints and Local Services Division is responsible for bringing the environmental programs of the DEQ to the local level. Locally based environmental specialists, housed in 22 offices across the state, have some role in nearly all of the programs administered by the DEQ. They provide regulatory inspections as well as technical assistance for all facilities having a DEQ permit. All aspects of the on-site sewage program are handled by ECLS. This includes soil tests, design of systems, inspection of system installations and regulatory oversight of certified installers and septage pumpers and haulers. Most importantly, the local environmental specialists respond to all citizen complaints regarding environmental pollution.

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Two new laws that affect on-site wastewater treatment systems are now effective. Senate Bill 1765 requires that the number of bedrooms or flow of the facility be certified by the person hiring the system installer. Senate Bill 1695 requires that shared wastewater treatment systems be owned or operated by a public entity.

For more information about these two new laws click on the links below.

Senate Bill 1765 Information Sheet

Senate Bill 1695 Information Sheet

New Fact Sheetupdated item

New DEQ fact sheet summarizes aerobic system maintenance requirements for new homeowners

This page last updated on September 7, 2018

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