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Septage Pumpers and Transporters Fees

Septage Pumper Application Packet (PDF)


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Since, most rural homes in Oklahoma are not served by public sewer systems, a septic tank system can serve as the on-site wastewater treatment system. Periodic pumping of the septic tank is essential to the long-term operation of the on-site wastewater treatment system.

Oklahoma law requires a license for anyone engaged in the business of pumping, hauling or disposing of domestic wastewater (septage) from septic tanks¸ holding tanks, chemical toilets, or any other similar wastewater holding tanks. The pumping of the tank and the disposal of the waste shall be in accordance with DEQ rules and regulations pertaining to septage pumpers and haulers.

Remember that domestic septage does not include commercial or industrial solids or wastewater, waste from restaurant grease traps or car wash mud traps.

The forms needed for a Septage Pumpers and Transporters license are available through this web site or by contacting April Messer at 405/702-6171.


Licenses shall be renewed by submitting a renewal application each year on or before January 31 after the date of issuance. Those Licenses who also have a permit to land apply septage shall include with their renewal application copies of any land application records.

DEQ Rules for Septage Tank Pumpers and Transporters are located in Chapter 645.

Listing of Licensed Septage Pumpers and Transporters