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Land Protection Division
Brownfields Program

This program provides a means for private parties and government entities to voluntarily investigate and if warranted, clean up properties that may be contaminated with hazardous wastes. The formal Brownfields Program provides specific state liability relief and protects the property from federal Superfund actions.

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Brownfields Rules

DEQ Contact List for Brownfields Program

Brownfields Information

Brownfields Program Process

Brownfields Financial Incentives

Brownfields Checklist

Targeted Brownfields Assessments

DEQ/EPA Memorandum of Agreement

What are Brownfields?

Oklahoma Targeted Brownfields Assessments Application
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Brownfields Public Recordupdated
VCP & Brownfields Site Characterization Template

Institutional Controls Database

Brownfields Proposal Template

Revolving Loan Fund

RLF Fact Sheet

EPA Climate Adaptation Checklist


Supporting Document Templates


RLF Application available upon request

Oklahoma Brownfields Conference

Oklahoma Brownfields Conference 2018

Video Clips from 2014 Conference

Video Clips from 2012 Conference

Projects and Publications

Brownfields Portfolio

Oklahoma Dpt. of Commerce Brownfield's Economic Impact Analysis Report

Oklahoma Dpt. of Commerce Brownfield’s Economic Impact Analysis

Love Link Ministries Video new

Love Link Ministries Press Release

ECOS Results - Oklahoma new

EPA Brownfields

EPA's Brownfields Web Page

EPA Region 6's Brownfields Web Page

EPA's Locate Brownfields Sites Where You Live Page

EPA Brownfields Funding Information

Brownfields State Report

Brownfields Federal Programs Guide

Region 6 Targeted Brownfields Assessment Program

BUILD Act Factsheet


Division Director: Kelly Dixon
Mailing Address: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Land Protection Division
PO Box 1677
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677
General Phone Number: 405-702-5100
General Fax Number: 405-702-5101
NOTICE : No unsolicited advertisements are accepted at any of these fax numbers, per 47 CFR 64.1200(a)(3)(ii)(B)


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