Commonly Requested Solid Waste Management Forms and Checklists

Solid Waste Permit Application, DEQ Form #515-010Solid Waste Permit Modification Application, DEQ Form #515-020
Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Monthly Report Form, DEQ Form #515-821R Solid Waste Quarterly Return Form, DEQ Form #515-030(Writeable Excel Format)
Solid Waste Monthly Report Form, DEQ Form #515-031Temporary Easement, DEQ Form #515-022 in writeable PDF Format*

Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Disposal Form, DEQ Form #515-860
(NHIW Certification)

Quarterly Report for Roofing Material Recycling Facility, DEQ Form #515-032
Monthly Report for Roofing Material Recycling Facility, DEQ Form #515-033

Checklists and Inspection Forms


Solid Waste Inspection Forms (OAC 252:515)
Compost FacilityFormChecklist
Land Disposal Facility Inspection FormForm C & D Checklist
Roofing Material Recycling Facility Inspection Form new Form MSWLF Checklist
  NHIW Checklist
Processing Facility Form Checklist
Medical Waste FacilityFormChecklist

Solid Waste Guidance Documents (OAC 252:515)
Map of Aquifers and Recharge Areas in Oklahoma

Guidance on Methane Gas Monitoring

Asbestos Management New Landfills Near Airports
Cost Estimate and Financial AssuranceOut-of-State Waste Disposal Plans
Fee WaiversRecord Keeping and Reporting
Groundwater Monitoring, Alternative Constituents/FrequencySalvage Recycling Plans
Leachate Irrigation Storm Water Management / OPDES Sector L (Being updated)
Leachate Re circulationVegetative Cover
Guidance for Use of Protective Cover in Cell Liner Design and Construction in Oklahoma

Solid Waste Permitting Checklists
New Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Compost Facilities Being revised
Transfer Station Facilities Groundwater Statistical Report Outline
Construction and Demolition Solid Waste Landfills Permit Transfer Guidelines
  Permit Transfer Disclosure Form
  Permit Transfer Rules
 Permit Transfer Statutes

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