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Sod House Land



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DEQ Bison

Kelly Dixon, Division Director

Fenton Rood, Assistant Division Director

Hillary Young, Chief Environmental Engineer


BROWNFIELDS PROGRAM—Aron Samwel, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100.The formal Brownfields Program provides specific state liability relief and protects the property from federal Superfund actions.

HAZARDOUS WASTE COMPLIANCE AND INSPECTION SECTIONMike Edwards, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100. This group conducts inspections of hazardous facilities, investigates complaints, operates the disposal plan system, controls hazardous industrial waste disposal and manages oversight of EPA grant commitments.

HAZARDOUS WASTE PERMITTING AND CORRECTIVE ACTION SECTIONZach Paden, Engineering Manager (405) 702-5100. This section reviews permit applications and writes permits for hazardous and solid waste disposal sites including storage units, transfer facilities, recycling units and treatment units. It also oversees corrective actions at various hazardous and solid waste sites.

LAND RESTORATION SECTION —Wes Squyres, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5197. This section works with community leaders, particularly those in the targeted CBEP communities, to continue improvements in local waste management systems.

LEGAL COUNSELPam Dizikes, Environmental Attorney Supervisor (405) 702-7100.

RADIATION MANAGEMENT SECTIONMike Broderick, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100.This section is responsible for regulation of radioactive materials, industrial/analytical x-ray machines and particle accelerators, and medical therapeutic x-ray machines and particle accelerators . (It does not regulate medical diagnostic X-Ray machines.)


COMPUTER EQUIPMENT RECYCLING--Melissa Adler-McKibben , Environmental Programs Specialist (405) 702-5100. The Oklahoma Computer Equipment Recovery Act provides for the proper handling of electronic devices meeting specific criteria. The Land Protection Division also helps to coordinate electronic recycling efforts not covered by the Act.

SITE CLEANUP ASSISTANCE PROGRAM(SCAP) & ARMORY CLEANUP PROGRAM--Dustin Davidson, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100 .This program remediates abandoned hazardous waste sites and closed armories around the state.

SOLID WASTE COMPLIANCE AND INSPECTION SECTIONAmber Edwards, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100. This group conducts inspections of solid waste permitted facilities, investigates complaints, regulates biomedical wastes, and controls non-hazardous industrial waste disposal.

SOLID WASTE PERMITTING SECTIONDavid Cates, Engineering Manager (405) 702-5100.This section reviews permit applications and writes permits for solid waste disposal sites including storage units, transfer facilities, recycling units and treatment units.

LPD Risk Management TeamRita Kottke (405) 702-5100.. The risk management team assists the Land Protection Division by assessing cleanup levels using risk based protocols.

SUPERFUND SITE REMEDIATION SECTION Amy Brittain, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100. The site assessment group works to discover and characterize abandoned sites around Oklahoma. These sites are investigated to determine if they qualify to be cleaned up under state or federal Superfund programs.

TAR CREEK SECTION—Dustin Davidson, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100. This section oversees remediation of the Tar Creek Superfund site.

UNDERGROUND INJECTION CONTROL UNITHillary Young , Engineering Manager (405) 702-5100. This group oversees the underground injection control activities that are regulated by the DEQ . The Underground Injection Control personnel review permit applications, conduct inspections and investigate complaints. Wells not regulated by DEQ are regulated by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

VOLUNTARY CLEANUP PROGRAMRay Roberts, Environmental Program Manager (405)702-5100. This program provides a means for private parties and government entities to voluntarily investigate and if warranted, clean up properties that may be contaminated with hazardous wastes. The Voluntary Cleanup Program utilizes an informal, negotiated process for site activities.

SOLID WASTE PLANNING AND SUSTAINABILITY UNITPatrick Riley (405) 702-5100. This section aids development of community waste management programs and recycling.

TIRE RECYCLING PROGRAM—Ferrella March, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100. This program regulates the disposition of waste tires. Waste Tire Program Customer Assistance 405-702-5175

RISK MANAGEMENT SECTION—Clifton Hoyle, Environmental Programs Manager (405) 702-5100. This section provides compliance assistance for the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know and Toxic Release Inventory sections of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act. Additionally, the section provides training in the Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations software and assists Local Emergency Planning Committees as well as serving as staff to the Oklahoma Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Commission.


The Land Protection Division is located on the fifth floor of the Department of Environmental Quality’s building at 707 North Robinson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our mailing address is Post Office Box 1677, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73101-1677. The main telephone number is (405) 702-5100. The fax machine telephone number is (405) 702-5101. No unsolicited advertisements are accepted at any of these fax numbers, per 47 CFR 64.1200(a)(3)(ii)(B).

The office of the Legal Counsel is located on the seventh floor of the Department of Environmental Quality’s building.


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