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Environmental Quality Board Members

The Environmental Quality Board (Board) was established by law in 1993 upon the creation of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  Each Board member is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for a five-year term.  Board members represent a cross-section of interests from manufacturing to statewide environmental groups.  The Board is responsible for the appointment of DEQ’s Executive Director and the adoption of rules relating to the regulatory programs administered by the agency, as well as rules pertaining to DEQ practice and procedure.

Please address written correspondence to any or all Board members to: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, c/o Quiana Fields, Board and Council Secretary, P.O. Box 1677, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677.

For e-mail correspondence to any or all Board members, send your questions or comments to WWW.DEQ-EQB@DEQ.OK.GOV or call (405)702-7152 to reach Ms. Fields or to leave a voice message.

The Board cannot and does not intervene in actions or decisions made by the DEQ in specific cases or matters, such as permitting or enforcement actions.  Any questions regarding specific cases or matters pending or decided by the agency should be sent directly to the DEQ division involved in the matter.

EQB Meeting Dates,Locations, Agendas, Minutes and Proposed Rules






Tim W. Munson

Non-Profit Statewide Environmental Organization

Shannon Ferrell

Agriculture Industries


Water Usage

James Kinder *

Rural Water Association

Tracy Hammon**

Petroleum Industry

David Griesel

Solid Waste Industry

Homer Nicholson

Local Governing Board of a City or Town

Jan Kunze

Conservation District Representative

Steve Mason

Hazardous Waste Industry

Billy G. Sims

Non-Profit Statewide Environmental Organization

Michel Paque

Non-Profit Statewide Environmental Organization

Kenneth L. Hirshey, Jr.

Environmental Professional

Perry Barton

Manufacturing Representative

* Denotes Chair   ** Denotes Vice-Chair

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