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DEQ Programs (listed alphabetically)

Air Compliance and Enforcement
Air Monitoring Data
Air Permits

Air Proposed Rules

Air Quality Index
Air Quality Council Meetings
Air Quality Council Members
Air Quality Education
Air Quality Health Advisories
Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Organization Chart
Air Quality Rules
Air Quality Standards
Air Quality Update newsletter
Air Toxics
Air Toxics Update newsletter
Business and Small Business Assistance
Certified Installers
Citizens Assistance
Community Based Environmental Protection
Construction Permitting
Construction Site Storm Water
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
Emissions Inventory
Environmental Complaints
Environmental Education and Special Projects
Excess Air Emissions
Hazardous Waste Compliance and Inspection
Hazardous Waste Permitting and Corrective Action
Industrial Pretreatment
Lead-Based Paint
Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC)
Local Government Assistance
On-Site Sewage Treatment
Operator Certification
Pollution Prevention and Waste Exchange
Public Water Supply
Radiation Management
Requested Services
Risk Communication
Septage Pumpers and Haulers
Small Public Water Supplies
Solid Waste Compliance and Inspection
Solid Waste Permitting
Source Water Protection
Superfund Site Remediation
Tier 2 Reporting
Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)
Underground Injection Control
Voluntary Cleanup and Brownfields
Waste planning and Sysytems Development
Water Quality Certification (401/404)
Water Quality Assessment (305b)
Wastewater Discharge Permitting

On this page you'll find a list of DEQ programs. These are listed in alphabetical order so you can find the program you're looking for and/or if you are unaware of which agency division is responsible for that particular program.

If you cannot find the program you are looking for on this list, Check each division's pull down menu on the top of this page or you can e-mail us at: customer services or call us on our toll-free number: 1-800-869-1400