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Drought and Water Conservation Information

On the DEQ Web Site

Water Rationing Report - September 4th, 2013

Announcement: Financial Assistance through the Bureau of Reclamation for Drought Relief to Public Water Supplies

Is Your Utility Ready for a Drought? fact sheet

Who to Call if a Drought impacts Your Community fact sheet

Water Conservation Tips for the Bathroom fact sheet

Water Conservation Tips for the Kitchen fact sheet

Water Conservation Tips for the Outdoors fact sheet

Water Costs Money Don't Waste It fact sheet

Water Emergency Procedures fact sheet

Water Systems Security fact sheet

Water Supply Analysis fact sheet

How to Properly Maintain Your Private Water Well fact sheet

Other DEQ Fact sheets covering water issues are located on our Fact Sheets Web Page.

DEQ's Water Quality Division web page

Other Links that offer Water Conservation and Drought Information

Oklahoma Water Resources Board Water Conservation web page

Oklahoma Drought and Water Resource Monitoring web page

Oklahoma Conservation Commission

Oklahoma Climatological Survey: Drought Monitoring Tools web page

NOAA's Drought Information Center

Oklahoma Drought Photo Gallery web page

Oklahoma Drought Update, Oklahoma Climatological Survey, Climate Information Group, Feb. 10, 2006

USGS Water Resources of Oklahoma Drought Conditions in Oklahoma

National Weather Service Drought Information for Oklahoma and North Texas

ACOG Water Conservation web page