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Public Water Supply

The Safe Drinking Water Act defines a Public Water Supply (PWS) as a system that provides water via piping or other constructed conveyances to the public for human consumption.

The State of Oklahoma's Public Water Supply program currently oversees over 1,600 active public water supply systems, which meet the federal definition of a public water supply.

These PWS systems serve approximately 3.7 million customers. Of the 1,680 active PWS systems in Oklahoma, 187 systems use surface water as their source of water, 788 are groundwater systems and 705 purchase their water. All public water supplies are classified according to the number and type of persons served. Currently, 1,129 systems are classified as community water systems (such as towns and rural water districts), 109 are classified as non-transient, non-community water systems (such as schools or factories) and 374 are classified as non-community water systems (such as rest stops or parks). There are also much smaller systems, which are referred to as minor water systems. These systems are regulated by Environmental Complaints and Local Services (ECLS).


Water Drop  Purchase Public Water Supply Affidavit for Mobile Home Communities, RV Parks, and Correctional Facilities

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